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Guinea-Bissau , Tuesday 20 February 2018

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Guinea-Bissau Travel Advisory

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Publication date: Wednesday 10 January 2018

The land mines are scattered in several areas throughout Guinea-Bissau, including the Bafata, Oio, Biombo, Quinara, and Tombali regions. While there has been significant progress in locating and removing land mines, a substantial number remain. The most ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Chinese technical aid boosts Guinea Bissau's rice production

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Publication date: Friday 01 May 2015

BISSAU, May 1 (Xinhua) -- The presence of a Chinese technical agricultural mission in Guinea Bissau's eastern regions of Bafata and Gabu has resulted in increased rice production, the mission's coordinator Antonio Tavares said Thursday. "The mission has ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: West Africa: On the Child Trafficking Route

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Publication date: hursday 22 November 2007

Bafata — In northern Guinea-Bissau, in the dark of night, a dilapidated bus carrying 17 children is parked on a quiet side road. Its driver awaits a signal from a bus up ahead in the convoy illegally crossing the border into Senegal. For 24 hours ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Driving home the cholera message

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 October 2009

In Bafata, Guinea-Bissau, children go door-to-door counting mosquito nets, monitoring hand-washing and checking the distance between kitchens and latrines. The activities are among efforts by health NGOs and authorities to fill the gap between cholera ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Guinea Bissau residents welcome resumption of cotton production by Chinese investors

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Publication date: hursday 26 September 2013

The residents of Bafata region in eastern Guinea Bissau on Wednesday welcomed a delegation of Chinese investors from Liaoning province, who want to revive cotton farming in their locality. "We believe that resumption of cotton farming will greatly help in ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: I, PIME priest, whipped by the devil in the land of mission

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Publication date: Friday 24 May 2013

On his blog, Father Gheddo talks about the experience of Fr Dionisio Ferraro, a native of Vicenza (Italy) and a missionary in Guinea Bissau. As the latter worked on a book dealing with faith, he was whipped by the devil one night to the point of drawing ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Guinea-Bissau | Gov’t delivers China-donated seeds and fertilizer

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Publication date: uesday 02 August 2016

The government of Guinea-Bissau has begun distributing to farmers the agricultural production resources, namely seeds and fertilizer, donated by China at a ceremony last weekend in Bafatá. Official information indicates that the donation involves 500 tons ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Drug hub Guinea-Bissau awaits first prisons

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 July 2010

The new prisons at Bafata, 100km (62 miles) from Bissau, and Mansoa, 40km (24 miles) will be the biggest and most visible achievement under the UN Peacebuilding Fund for Guinea-Bissau, says Mr Pereira. The 30 inmates from Commandant Nhanga's First Squadron ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: U.N. Tells of Hunger in Guinea-Bissau War

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Publication date: onday 22 June 1998

Bafata and Canchungo, Mr. Diagne said. Few refugees have been allowed to cross the heavily guarded border into Senegal, and aid supplies and other traffic has been stopped from going into Guinea-Bissau. The Government has ruled out peace talks with the ...

News Guinea-Bissau » Bafata: Bafata, Guinea-bissau Hourly Weather

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Publication date: Sunday 31 December 2017

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